From The Car Wash Marketing Blog:

Store Design Based on Clear Differentiation

What if Alexander the Great owned a carwash? How about Napoleon or maybe Genghis Khan? Aside from some unorthodox signage (“Foot Off Brake, Car In Neutral and Hands Off Flaming Arrows”), I bet they would be pretty good operators since they were all brilliant strategists. Read More

Customer Service Demonstrates Your Carwash’s Personality

When pay stations first started to become prevalent, I have to admit I didn’t like it. I thought transaction times would be too long, older customers would find the ordering process intimidating and that the cost of the technology wasn’t worth it (more on pay stations in a moment). However, … Read More 

Smart Ways to Increase Your Average Carwash Ticket

Increasing your average ticket has always been an important part of a successful carwash, but with car counts shrinking or stagnant at many locations, there has never been a more urgent time to focus on getting the customers you do have to spend… Read More